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ORF now has its own MP server!

pinto / Mar 17, 2016 / Organisation News

This server is no longer online.
The correct OPRF server is

ORF now has it's own custom FG server, thanks to our resident F-14/F-15 guru Richard!

In his own words...

Your callsign needs to end in -1 for team 1 and -2 for team 2 (this might change). Also the callsign can only be 8 letters. This isn't ideal but it'll do for testing.

If your team has an EC-137 and E3B or an E2-C flying the radar coverage is increased from 200; this means that the map within FG will shown aircraft within 400nm of the AWACS (340 of the E2-C). If you have multiple AWACS the opposing team's aircraft will be shown when within the corresponding range of any of your AWACS.

All of your own aircraft will be shown regardless of the range.

To connect, use

Or in FGRun,
In the server box:
In: 5001
Out: 5000

For more details, be sure to check out the thread!

Picture credit goes to J Maverick 16


Server now offline until the next event.
Richard this is great but I don't exactly know how to get in the server[hope you would like to show me how to use it]
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