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Leto / Mar 10, 2016 / Event news

Pinto has made a system that automates tracking and scoring of a massive capture the flag event.

The event can last for days.

If that is not awesome news then I don't know what is..

Info from pinto:

Obscient is an "observer" - the name is a mashup of "observer" and "omniscient".

It allows us to put pilots on teams, and track who owns what base across a massive capture-the-base style game. It currently supports an airport with an ICAO, more teams than we'll ever use, marking a base as unconquerable, and defining which aircraft we are allowed to use. I'd love to add in a kill counter as well.

If you have any ideas or observations (lol) about it, feel free to hit me up!


Is it possible to improve this to provide some degree of basic protection against certain cheating techniques? For example, it can track the values of some transmitted variables and alert someone if it notices an unusual rate of change in those values or a discontinuity.

As in:
dvalue/dtime > some number

lim time->t [from the left] value(time) - lim time->t [from the right] > some_huge_number, where t is some time like "5 seconds in the past", with t increasing along with the current time

Of course, the checks will not be implemented this way, but these are intended to illustrate the idea.
Yes, it could, this has already been discussed. And it probably will too to a certain degree, if not this coming event, then later. Thanks for the idea though.

How well does the math above actually represent a feasible method of checking?

Is there a better method?

Calculus is probably not the way to do it, as the updates are discontinuous. Around 10Hz I believe. But the idea is sound.
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