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by Leto on Nov 24, 2019 at 01:12 PM
Event mainly took place in this area:

Read the event briefing here: Link

This event served as a prototype of a new mechanism: The HUNTER.
HUNTER is a amazing python driven asset manager made by HB-VANO. It simulates our regular assets but instead of putting up 1 asset per client, it can put up 30+ assets.
In the event in stage 1, HB-VANO had programmed it to spawn 50 OPFOR assets; various depots, moving helicopters, sailing frigates, trucks, inactive SAMs and inactive GCI radar stations.

We had varied feedback from the event: from "it was messy", "we could not find our targets", "overwhelming" to "awesome" and "more realistic with that many assets".

Some technical issues plagued especially the start of the event; HUNTER did not register hits and had to be respawned. F-16 HUD froze, and a fix had to be applied. And in general pilots had trouble managing that amount of targets with their radar/rwr. Also none of the GCI worked, I suspect it was due to having 10 GCI spawned.

Inbetween HUNTERs assets, there were placed some active SAMs and missile-frigates. Also especially at start of event, a bunch of Automats was flying as Mig-29. However soon after event start HB-VANO and Kokos who were both flying for OPFOR proved so capable of holding the enemy at bay that Automats were not really needed. Automats except from start were playing only a minor role (despite having used 4 hours making routes for them).



We had to change the event story along the event in comparison to what was planned especially in regards to stage 2, which was quickly abandoned in favor of ending with an airbattle.

I personally enjoyed the event. It lasted 5½ hours.
And thanks to HB-VANO and Kokos for good company.
by Leto on Nov 05, 2018 at 10:35 PM
This is an account of the OPFOR side of things from this event.

OPFOR Team: Rudolf (OPFOR33), Pinto (OPFOR77), Leto (OPFOR42)

BLUFOR Team: Legoboy, 5H1N0B1, J-Mav16, Kokos34, Raider1, Richard, MAVERICK, Talons, Tridson, venom.

Let me know if I forgot some. Also know that for a couple of hours late US evenings Pinto and Leto was flying BLUFOR.

As most of you noticed, the OPFOR team was helped by AI aircraft/ships/SAMs/trucks/depots. So It was to a large effect OPRFs first coop event.

Another new technology was fielded during event: A ground based intercept control, currently linked only to those who flew mig21. Basically a ground based AWACS.


The event lasted 2 days at 3/4 Nov. 2018 on OPRF mpserver.

Some notable OPFOR events: (notice that most of the time there was fighters in the air plus what happened in these events)
  • Missile frigate close to ENBO
  • Push from fighters on ENBO
  • Intel gathering ship cloaked as rescue ship at same location as the sunk missile-frigate.
  • SAM systems put up at ENTC
  • Logistics problems, fighters fly with reduced ammo.
  • Another SAM and a depot up at ENTC
  • 3 frigates some 250 NM SW of ENBO, protected by patroling fighters, just outside Norwegian airspace.
  • The opfor carrier that has been the base for the ship patrol fighters, is withdrawing. From now on all opfor fighters will take-off from ENTC.
  • A convoy of trucks full of spetnatz heading from ENTC to ENBO
  • ENTC light protected, no sam, but a couple of depots
  • During the blufor bombing raids the fighters were kept in hangars.
  • Some fighters hit while getting ready on ENTC runway.
  • Yet another SAM active at ENTC
  • BLufor team get GCI support for their mig21 fighters.
  • 2 depots up at ENTC with a SAM. ANother SAM south of ENTC, and fighters in the sky as always.
  • A fleet of 2 missile-frigates and 1 frigate is stationed SW of ENBO some hundreds NM out. Protected with patroling fighters.
  • BLUFOR awacs get shot down by one of our fighters.
  • A ship has arrived near ENTC, and a depot with supplies has been built. ANd fighter being fueled up on runway.
  • Fighter push on ENBO
  • 3 trucks with special forces heading for ENBO.
  • 2 depots up at ENTC with fighters getting fueled on runway.

Approx stats for OPFOR loses: 8 ships sunk, 4 trucks destroyed, 7+ SAMs destroyed, around 50+ fighters splashed, around 10 depots destroyed.

I had lots of fun.

I will leave it to others to tell the BLUFOR story. Here is some images:

OPFOR AI taking off from ENTC

Managing an AI war

AI trying its best

Fleet getting hit

Truck on its way, SAM burning in background

Getting ready to fly BLUFOR with pinto

- Leto
by Richard on Aug 27, 2017 at 09:59 PM

See for the background and BLUFOR report.

The OPFOR strategic plan was simply to take out the southern section first using the B-1B using F-15 as support.

Initial Difficulties

From Leto’s report it may have seemed like we were storming ahead from the start; whereas in fact we were confused and disoriented trying to understand what BLUFOR were doing, and more importantly where it was being done. After an initial successful bombing run, completed at 20:00Z, with the destruction of three bases I mistook disarray for a cleverly coordinated plan, not suspecting what was really going on. For the first couple of hours we lived in fear of losing bases. At one point I even started to wonder if the ease of destruction of bases was in fact because we were suffering equal losses, or impending losses in our northern sector. ; I even thought that we were being tricked into deploying our assets into the Southern sector. At no point did we suspect it was disarray; rather we suspected a cleverly put together plan being executed – and expected to be losing bases and aircraft at any moment.

Phase 2 - more bombing

The next phase of the event was much harder; we struggled against numerically superior forces, failing really to make much headway until around 22:00Z. During the intervening period, after I was shot down I became unsure of what to do next. There was even a period of confusion, sitting on the runway at ESIB for whilst trying to understand what was going on. From the very start Slobb used the F-15’s radar[1] to locate the opposition, to engage them and to protect the ongoing bombing operations. We were both very concerned about being overwhelmed.

Once we had chalked up 5 bases destructions, the event still could have gone either way. I had already decided not to waste our resources on engaging the bonus truck. Then when Leto reported he’d got that it still felt to me like we could be on the cusp of losing our small advantage at any point. Rather fortuitously, as it turns out, we decided to carry on with the plan and continue the bombing runs. At this point Snowy joined the team, and although there was some delay on his operational status[2]. Getting back up three team members at this point was a massive boost to morale; Snowy initially patrolled our Northern sector.

Going well, but vulnerable

The next phase from 23:00Z was our most worrying. The BLUFOR plan seemed to be coming together; Yesrev had started to take out our bases, and I truly believed that we were about to lose our advantage. To try to stop this I jumped into an F-15 at our nearest base, that was still operational, and flew the F-15 at the speed of heat; I could almost hear the paint bubbling on the wings whilst travelling at mach 2.0. In a total state of panic, and with almost no fuel left, I launched two missiles at Yesrev; both missed. I couldn’t work out what was going on, and knew that I didn’t have the fuel to do much about it. He was escaping me unless I had afterburners, and I simply didn’t have enough fuel for this to be possible. So in a last fit of desperation I launched all the rest of my missiles at the B-1B – and they all missed. I was truly convinced that this was the end for us.

The final furlong

The next three hours really were hard going. Slobb had told me that he couldn’t last much longer. After a period of reflection, I decided that it was time to go back to the original plan, and continue to take out as many bases as possible, avoiding the enemy by flying low level. This worked out well at first, as NC-687 launched on me as I was passing him, taking me by surprise and with a new confidence partly helped by the infra-red night vision I dived to the deck and probably more by luck than judgement the missile flew by. I continued towards the bombing target at full power, continuing at low level. This combination of speed and altitude proved fatal, with this attempt failing when I ran into a mountain that was hiding in the darkness.
It felt like a war of attrition had started. My next attempts in the B-1B were unsuccessful; Slobb and Snowy were continuing to valiantly fight or try to find the enemy.

Once Slobb had left, myself and Snowy continued on alone. I knew that our only chance for victory was to continue to deny BLUFOR bases and operational flexibility by denying them the selection of bases. The plan now was to take out the Southern bases and then move northwards. The loss of our Northern bases hit our plan hard; leaving a journey of 452nm from our most Northern base; to their most Southern base.

The purchase of the SAM caused me great concern; I’d applied logic to figure out that it was probably protecting the base, with BLUFOR down to two players and three bases to protect. The trouble is that it was the first time I’d come up against a SAM. Confusion and uncertainty set it again as I was on my way to launch what I hoped would be the decisive bombing run. In the end the run failed as I was shot down by the same.

It was now roughly 03:00Z; Pinto joined the team, and I knew that only one more bombing run was possible; and that our victory was looking fairly safe. Unfortunately I was exhausted after not leaving the controls since the start of the event and fell asleep whilst waiting for the kettle to boil.


The event was well planned, thanks to Pinto and Leto for their work putting it together. It was never easy but an incredible experience.

My personal thanks and appreciation to everyone who took part. It was great to fly with new (to me) players.

To anyone reading this who is considering taking part in an event, but worrying that it seems too hard my advice is don’t worry. We all feel like this. There is no substitute for signing up for the next event and learning whilst flying. All skill levels are welcome; skills can be learned – I think it’s fair to say that what we all appreciate is enthusiasm and participation.

Lessons learned.

[1] Know your equipment. I realised that I wasn’t sure effective the F-15 radar actually is now. I should have better understood the changes that the excellent improvement in RCS made. This was a failing on my part and lead to uncertainty.

[2] Victory loves preparation. Ensure the scenery is loaded, that equipment is functioning and that you have a craft on the runway ready to deploy.

[3] Train prior to the event; in this case fighting at night is hard; I had a unplanned terrain aircraft interaction twice during the event. I didn’t realise that the cockpit of the B-1B has malfunctioning cockpit and instrument lighting; a lot of the cockpit is dark and I should have tried this prior to the first night flight. Use of the ALS infra-red filter helped considerably. Training in the appropriate conditions prior to the event would have been a massive help; and given me time to even repair the cockpit lighting.

by Leto on Aug 27, 2017 at 02:09 PM
Teams were:

BLUFOR (norway)
NC-687 (leader)
J Maverick 16

OPFOR (sweden)
Richard (leader)

The prelude
August 1: Sweden accuses US of using WMDs - apparently the journalist mixed up biological and chemical weapons.
August 2: UN investigators enter Crimea

I was on team Norway. At the start of the event, Megaf who was gonna be our tanker had trouble with the KC137, he had a memory leak or something it took gigabytes of memory and he couldn't fly it so he left. Sweden spared no time and started bombing our bases, and we were in disarray looking left and right for them, while they disabled base after base. It really came to set the tone of the war, and it quickly became apparent that our lack of having made a theater map, was gonna be our Achilles heel, we had no clue were they were coming from nor where our own bases were in relation to each other, so they continued to disable our bases, we began to bump into them though, and people got shot down on both sides.

Trying to catch up
We wanted to give them back in same measure, but none of us knew how to fly the B-1b. Yesrev came to our rescue, and he managed to take out some of their bases. I flew a sortie into Sweden and bumped into the bonus objective. I was in the wrong plane to kill it though, so I RTB'ed to switch to a attack plane. When returning Snowy spawned between me and the target, he went away again though, I reckoned he was terrasyncing, so I flew past and continued to the target, and managed to caught up to it pretty close to its destination, I lobbed 3 mavericks at it. Returning to base I meet Yesrev, he was threatened by snowy who had became active and seemed to be taxiing at Vidsel. I selected my sidewinders and prepared for battle to the death to protect Yesrev who was in a bomber. I shot down Snowy just after he took off, and returned to base.

Fading out
The battles continued and they managed to surprise bomb several more of our bases till we had only 3 bases left. NC-687 decided since him and I were only left on our team to buy a SAM to protect ENDU, and then we would each protect a base, so all 3 bases were defended. The strategy worked, the SAM shot down Richard, and later also Snowy, but snowy did manage to take out the SAM before he died, not that it mattered anyway, as the SAM had fired 4 shots and had to be out of ammo. I was dozing of during a landing at ENBO and almost crashed during final. Later when sitting on the runway I did fall sleep, and when I woke up my RWR was yellow at 9 o'clock, I scrambled and there was Richard incoming to bomb ENBO, I managed to prevent him from doing so. Later on Pinto joined and tried to do the same, once scrambled I knew the event timer would run out before he reached his target, I fired a RB99 at him as a mercy killing, to my surprise he managed to evade it, then the timer ran out.

After 9 hours the event was over. Sweden had won.

7 bombings of 25
16 splashes of 5 each
175-80=95 points

16 splashes of 5 each
1 sam cost 30
1 objective worth 50
2 bombings of 25
50+50-30-80=-10 points

Score is therefore:
Sweden 95
Norway -10

Thanks to Pinto for planning the event. Was loads of fun.
And thanks to NC-687 and Richard for stepping up to lead a team.
by Leto on Jan 22, 2017 at 06:01 AM
I was team lead for Russia (trying to invade Canada).

On the team was:

On the opposing team was:

Part 1:
We had set up the 3 depots, named Rdepo-2, Rdepo-3 and our main objective Rbird-1. THe SAM was named Rdepo-1. That was to confuse them and think the SAM was a depo and the main depot was the SAM.
Team NATO has us on the defense the first half of the part 1. We got some kills on them, and they got kills on us.
We managed to secure 3 bases, and bring supplies to 2 of those.

Part 2:
I was 17 mins late to the start, and Pinto was already attacking our main depot and the SAM being dead. He had guessed the naming scheme. Fb attacked shortly after. After they had been shot down, they attacked again, and Pinto killed our depot, with the Eurofighter.
Team Nato had won.
He later said their victory was due to a blackbird recon flight he had done in part 1. I had actually sad to Richard that the blackbird was not priority and he should focus on killing Jmav16 instead, big mistake on my part.

Thanks to all for a fun event, and gratz to Team NATO. :)
by Leto on May 13, 2016 at 03:39 AM
I only participated in the first day, but I had loads of fun.

We fought for 14 hours, with some hours break in the middle.

Here are the debriefings:

Operation Free Sea debriefing:

It started out good, we were able to fly from Japan, and hit the two primary targets (water-fences), Leto got shot down by enemy fighter, but JMav managed to land at OSAN. We therefore continued the OP from that air base.

When we went to hit the Navy yard, there was unexpected resistance, the enemy fighters appeared at regular intervals to challenge and a missile frigate blocked our way to the target. We suffered a loss of Pinto and his B-1b. After some hours we had managed to sunk the frigate, Spectre fired the finishing shots. Leto managed to take down 1 of the secondary targets after that, but also got shot down. Good job all, mission is success.

Participants: Raider1, Pinto, JMav16, fb237, Spectre, Swamp, Yesrev, SWA, Leto

SAR debriefing:

After the first downing of Leto, Swamp got a heli (SH-60J) and went to rescue him with escorts, the escorts got under fire, while swamp picked up Leto. When Yesrev got shot down, Swamp also managed to rescue him in the same mission. Well done all, success.

Total losses so far into the event:
Estimated losses on enemy side: approx 9-11 fighters.
Estimated loss of our aircraft: approx 4-7 fighters and one B-1B.

Debriefing of OP Dead Mans Zone:

Mission success, 1 enemy downed, and 1 casualty (Leto)

Participants: Pinto, fb237 and Leto

Debriefing of DMZ II:

Although the bomber got shot down on the way back, both targets were hit. Success.

Participants: Pinto, fb237, Raider1 and Leto.

Debriefing of Operation "add something here about stopping a ballistic missile submarine":

Some hours ago, Raider1 briefed us that a new submarine that can fire ballistic missiles (and just did so a couple of days ago), is a threat and must be neutralized.

We were given 3 targets, the submarine, and a bunker in a mountain, and another bunker containing ??? (I forgot, been up too long).

Amazingly, the top mechanic Pinto got some A-10s ready in a short time to help do this mission. And Skyboat was flying ahead and gathered intel for us.

We flew some missions, the 2 bunkers were taken care of, but the submarine remained, enemies were present and got shot down, and shot us down as well. Also a ship posed us big problems until Swamp took care of that.

In the end Onox and Skyboat bombed we we believed were the correct site, but will have to wait for intel tomorrow to tell for sure.

We sure downed some enemies, and they got us shot down also.

Participants: G-Unter, Skyboat, Onox, Pinto, Raider1, Swamp, Yesrev, J-Mav16, Falcon, Leto

Aircraft used: A-10, JA-37, F-15C, F-15D, Mirage 2000-5, and RA-5 Vigilante.


Tons of fun on that first day. Yep, Korea certainly was busy that day, as can be seen here in Pinto's picture:

A thank to all who participated, and an especially big thanks to Raider1 and Pinto for pretty much arranging most of it.

Also thanks to J-mav16 for making some very nice airports.

Also thanks to the North Koreans, for flying against us.

by Leto on Apr 24, 2016 at 06:48 AM
The teams were:

Team 1: Defenders

Team 2: Agressors

Team 1 lost all but 1 drone 8 hours into the event, so they decided to shoot down Raider1 over our territory, and thereby go out in a blase of glory.

Team 2 "aggressors" thereby won!

by Leto on Mar 14, 2016 at 12:47 AM
Here is the area with ICAO codes that we fought for:

I, fb237 and Richard was put on team 2, with Raider1 as captain.
Raider1 presented us with nice and well thought through strategies, that we sought to follow as best we could.

The first 6 hours, we barely saw any signs of the enemy. So we went ahead and captured 1/3 of the entire map.

It was pitch black most of the time that still does not prevent some low flying in the Viggen:

For the most of the fight we held the majority of bases, however at the very end of the time period team1 made a big effort and captured more than half the bases and won. Gratz to them!

A common sight: That bloody Mirage is getting in my way of capturing a base!:

All in all, except from some interference from SWA, a very nice event!
by Leto on Mar 10, 2016 at 02:53 AM
A Viggen squadron has relocated to Nevada. Often the roar of its engines can now be heard over the desolate landscape.

Update 1:

The ground crew has been busy appying a better fitting livery as they thought the desert camo was better suited for Sahara. Here is the result, a Nevada livery: