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What: 4-day long, training event in the vicinity of (ex-)NAS Miramar, the W-291E range and, on Day 3, the area between KNKX and KNID (NAF China Lake).

When: From Sunday, December 26th 2021 to Thursday. December 30th 2021. Starting time is 2000z and the projected event duration per day is two hours, which time limit may be lengthened if deemed necessary.

Rules and Regulations*
-All OPRF rules apply.
-Main DLNK CH: 17*.
-Main IFF CH: 5*.
-Cruise speed below angels 10: 250KIAS.
-Cruise speed above angels 10: 350KIAS.
-Hold/loiter speed: same as CRS. speed below angels 10.
-Cruise altitude: angels 20*.
-Only F-14s will be flown on Day 4.
-Aircraft spawning at KNKX must spawn at RWY 10 and taxi their way up to the North of the RWY 24R threshold, holding on the taxiway- NOT on the runway*.
-MP damage will always be ON.

*Regulations excluded on Day 3 (Dec. 29th).

Day-by-Day event analysis

Day 1: Mock BFM. 2-ship flights take off from KNKX, fly their designated route to their MOAs and engage in mock-WVR scenarios for as long as they want.
No live ordnance will be carried except for a loaded gun (though your Master Arm switch should never be flipped to the ON position).
Flights finding themselves low on fuel can either use an AI or MP tanker (the latter if and whenever availabe) or land at KNKX, conduct Hot-Pit refuelling and take off again.
To distinguish between different flights' members, when entering their MOA, flights will add a number of 1-4 to the main DLNK CH number and reduce their radars' range to 10nmi. These changes will be undone when exiting the MOA.

Day 2: BVR combat. 2 2-ship flights will take off and fly to the North and South ends of the W-291E range carrying live ordnance. The South team will take off first as they will be flying a longer way to their end of the range.
Once both teams are at their starting points, they will fly towards one another while exchanging fire. The winning team will exit the range and land at KNKX, while the team defeated will respawn at KNKX.
To distinguish between their flights' members, the North team will switch their DNLK CH to 18, while the South team uses DLNK CH 24.

Between Days 2 and 3, a ferry flight will take place for the KNID team to fly to their base, at the same starting time as the other days of the event (2000z).

Day 3: Mixed A/A and A/G action. Two teams start from KNKX and KNID with the end goal being to drop as many unguided A/G munitions on enemy high-value points.
The point for the team starting from KNKX to defend will be KL08, while the team assigned to KNID will defend KTSP.
Spawning regulations are excluded here, and team members can spawn on their airfields' runway thresholds if they desire to do so.
There's also no standard DLNK/IFF CH, routes etc. It will be all up to the Team Leaders to decide their team's strategy, or along with their team's members if they so desire.
The winner on this day of the event will be the team that has dropped the largest amount of unguided A/G ordnance. The point system is simple: to find the amount of points scored, divide the lbs total of the ordnance dropped by 10. The resulting amount is the total of points scored (e.g. 2,600lbs : 10 = 260pts). Mkae sure to keep track of points.

Another ferry might will take place between Days 3,4 for the KNID team to return to their home base. Possible starting time of the flight might be two hours prior to the beggining of Day 4 (1800z).

Day 4: Tomcat-only dat to finish it off. 2-ship flights will take off from KNKX, link up outside of the W-291E range, fly a designated route through the range and engage airborne targets (drones) with AIM-54 Phoenixes. Only two Phoenixed will be carried by each Tomcat on fuselage stations, while two AIM-7 and two AIM-9 missiles will be carried on the wing glove pylons. After hitting their targets, the flight will land on an aircraft carrier (CVN-75) sailing ~50nmi SW of San Diego, following all normal procedures.

Event time of day and weather/METAR strings will be shared through Discord.
Links to the GUNFIGHTER liveries will also be linked tomorrow, if possible. They will otherwise be shared through Discord, too.

VF-124 liveries:

GUNFIGHTER401, side 1
GUNFIGHTER401, side 2
GUNFIGHTER417, side 1
GUNFIGHTER417, side 2
GUNFIGHTER420, side 1
GUNFIGHTER420, side 2
GUNFIGHTER450, side 1
GUNFIGHTER450, side 2
GUNFIGHTER457, side 1
GUNFIGHTER457, side 2
GUNFIGHTER401-457, topbottom 1 (shared by GUNFIGHTERS 401, 417, 420, 450, 457)
GUNFIGHTER401, topbottom 2
GUNFIGHTER417, topbottom 2
GUNFIGHTER420, topbottom2
GUNFIGHTER450, topbottom 2
GUNFIGHTER457, topbottom2
GUNFIGHTER451, side 1
GUNFIGHTER451, side 2
GUNFIGHTER452, side 1
GUNFIGHTER452, side 2
GUNFIGHTER451-452, topbottom 1 (shared by GUNFIGHTER 451, 452)
GUNFIGHTER451, topbottom 2
GUNFIGHTER452, topbottom 2
GUNFIGHTER460, side 1
GUNFIGHTER460, side 2
GUNFIGHTER460, topbottom 1
GUNFIGHTER460, topbottom 2

.xml files to be acquired through their posting in the OPRF Discord server.

All files posted here are to be placed in [yoPCorsmth/some_folder/fg-aircraft-develop/aircraft/f-14b/Models/Liveries].
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Brigadier Ge...
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On ?
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You have set 20.00z in this post.
In the event you have set 18.00z

I guess that 20.00z is correct though, right? So in 3 hours from now.
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#14927727 Leto wrote:

On ?

Well, you now know for sure, but generally OPRF events take place on the private server right?
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