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WHEN: From 1800z to 2300z, Sat. 1st Aug. 2020.
Azerbaijan and Armenia (AO).
Stepanakert Airport (UB13), Azerbaijan (MOB).
ENVIRONMENT: Dawn (time) and live weather.

WHAT: Amid rising tensions between Armenia (backed by Russia) and Azerbaijan over their southern border, the former state has started mobilizing troops and assets with the intent to use military force to gain control of the geographically detached region on Azerbaijan.
NATO is worried this could lead to a severe destabilization of the already fragile Caucasus region and trigger a larger-scale Russian intervention against Azerbaijan.
It is elected to forward deploy a Task Force composed of OPRF airmen into a remote post confining with Armenia, ready to engage in case hostile actions are seen.
The TF will relocate within days from Greece after having participated in a joint exercise and start patrolling the region.

ROLES: CAP, SEAD/DEAD, Air Interdiction, OCA, AWACS.

ROE: NATO forces have been attacked inside Azerbaijan airspace, in violation of Geneva convention, foreign soil and airspace and international laws. Therefore, a multinational, strong response will be served to Armenia. NATO will defend its values and allies, therefore any hostile presence is going to be engaged.

INITIAL BRIEFING: Satellite imagery reveals Armenia has started assembling forces on the north-western border with Nakhichevan and is increasing the level of readiness across the nation of SAM sites.
Weapon storage locations and other depots have seen an increase of movements, especially overnight, confirming NATO concerns. Alleged convoys have been spotted forming up the main road that leads to the border as well.
Shores of the Sevana lake have become a rich A2/AD spot to the point decision-makers have dubbed it the "SAM Alley".
Reports have confirmed Russia has sent a certain amount of Su-27 jets in the region to back up Armenians MiG-29s.

- Send strike packages to the Nakhichevan region in order to counter an ongoing occupation attempt by Armenia.
- Disable air defenses, radar stations to deny Armenia aerial control.
- Achieve air superiority by air and by land by targeting their jets and facilities.
- Push an offensive inside Armenia to negate them the capability to repeat credible attacks on neighboring countries.

NATO/Azerbaijan (BLUFOR)
Armenia (OPFOR)

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