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#13393091 Aug 12, 2017 at 07:27 PM · Edited 5 years ago
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Hey guys,

We are officially launching several new OPRF divisions.

Haul cargo and people between airports, helping support OPRF missions both at home and abroad. Fly everything from short hops to long hauls between bases that have OPRF personnel stationed at them. While we are primarily on the west coast of the USA, we have locations spanning the globe. A detailed listing of routes will be coming shortly, and suggestions for bases you'd like to see included are welcome. We've mapped out the routes, and those can be found on this page on our site.

Search and Rescue
Search for downed pilots, rescue people in distress, and try not to get shot down yourself. We are officially opening up support for SAR, with two training bases located in Juneau and Reykjavik. Official SAR missions will be coming soon.

Flight Demo Team
If you haven't heard of our demonstration team, you should. This'll largely remain unchanged, but just wanted to give these guys official recognition.

Until I can get something fancy set up, we will be inputting our data on this page: - or just click on the Reporting link in our navigation bar. You'll get a 15% bonus to flight time if you do this - you're welcome to fly for any of these divisions without the bonus.

We are rolling out optional OPRF callsigns in the form of ORFxxxx. If you'd like to claim one of these to use alongside your usual callsign, PM me and I'll assign you one. The first 20 numbers are reserved for the General ranks as an honorary, but outside of this feel free to request a number. If you don't want to use one, you do not have to. This is purely optional - you are more than welcome to use your usual callsign.

While not a separate division, we are also rolling out recon missions in addition to the patrol missions. These also come with a 15% time bonus. These will give an area to observe, leaving the choice of aircraft as well as mission planning up to you.

All planes used still need to meet the criteria
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