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[Pinned] 24/7 Airspace Defense Mission Thread

All:This thread will eventually serve as the home of the ongoing Air Defense Mission that will allow OpRF members to conduct missions whenever they want! You need to post before you start (you can even post well-ahead of time so that people can p...
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[Pinned] Damage system upgrade

The MP message based damage system will be replaced by an Emesary based damage system.Emesary architecture is a smart system of exchanging compressed information over MP and between aircraft systems, made by Richard.Read more on his websiteRichard...
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[Pinned] Download and installation of our aircraft

DownloadsThe fightersF15/F14 (Updated 2020)github (branch OPRF)git:git clone --single-branch --depth=1 -b OPRF clone --single-branch --depth=1 -b OPRF (...
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[Pinned] OPRF Aircraft Requirements

The primary goal of OPRF is realistic military aviation with an emphasis on combat. The aircraft in the OPRF fleet must meet certain criteria to uphold this goal. If a plane does not meet any of these criteria, it will not be eligible. Planes that...
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[Pinned] Making routes for Automats

First you find out what the highest mountain peak in the area is in feet. The automat needs to know this so it dont dive down into a mountain.secondly you go into skyvector.comthen you right-click on map, and choose "add gps" for each waypoint.don...
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[Pinned] Darknight Hide and Seek

It's time to play a little game.Starting at 0700z on Aug 11 2018, somewhere in the world, a QF-4E will be spawned. It will be airborne, and it will be flying somewhere.Your job is to find it.The rules are simple.- All standard OPRF rules are in ef...
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[Pinned] General OPRF rules

Every rule and restrictions regarding engaging civilians, and not intentionally crashing other players, may be over-ridden by event planners and/or administrators. In the event of a disagreement between event planners and administrators, the admi...
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General Discussion

[Pinned] ORF Private MultiPlayer server.

The private server is currently set to 300nm visibility. I've checked the code and these are my initial thoughts in no particular order; (most of these are fairly easy to code) add a ranges to all (or named) observers. add a different class (e.g....
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[Pinned] [Announcement] OPRF is branching out!

Hey guys,We are officially launching several new OPRF divisions.LogisticsHaul cargo and people between airports, helping support OPRF missions both at home and abroad. Fly everything from short hops to long hauls between bases that have OPRF perso...
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[Pinned] OPRF MP Server

[Pinned] OPRF MP Server

Hey all!We have a permanent MP server, which is always on - at least, it should be. Plane distance is 500nm. It's currently not set up to track hours, and it isn't connected with the main FG multiplayer servers. I may connect it, I'm still debatin...
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Exercise Gunning Kittens 2021

What: 4-day long, training event in the vicinity of (ex-)NAS Miramar, the W-291E range and, on Day 3, the area between KNKX and KNID (NAF China Lake).When: From Sunday, December 26th 2021 to Thursday. December 30th 2021. Starting time is 2000z and...
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General Discussion

Hunter (simulated OPRF assets over MP)

This post will link to the lastest version of the guide describing the use of Hunter. Hunter is a server application, which can bring dozens of OPRF assets to life over MP (sailing ships, flying helicopters and static buildings etc).https://gitlab...
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Operation Speedy Kiwi: 4h Base Capture (Dec. 4)

Operation Speedy Kiwi: 4h Base CaptureWHEN: From 1900z till 2300z Friday 4th Dec. 2020WHERE: South New ZealandENVIRONMENT: Real-time and live weather. If not available then weather setting will be defined based on the closest one resembling actual...
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Operation Valiant Sphinx: 28h Base Capture (Oct. 30/31)

Operation Valiant Sphinx: 28h Base CaptureWHEN: From 1900z Fri. 5th Mar. 2021 till 2300z Sat. 6th Mar. 2021WHERE: TBDENVIRONMENT: Real-time and live weather. If not available then weather setting will be defined based on the closest one resembling...
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General Discussion

Introduce yourself

Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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General Discussion


Screenshots of things go here as we are almost out of space on the site.
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Dates and Times for all things OPRF!

Is it possible to use the time and date on this site as a base for event start times and days? It's already the 11th and I was ready to go look for the bird and the event hasn't started yet because most of you are still in yesterday, the 10th, wou...
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General Discussion

Flight Manuals for OPRF Aircraft

Hey everyone!I know I haven't been active in oprf these last few weeks, but I've still been working. I'll be releasing a Mirage 2000-5 manual in the very near future (those who are in the M2k dev server already have it) and VooDoo3 is doing an F-1...
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Operation Eastern Edge (Aug. 1, 2020)

OPERATION EASTERN EDGEWHEN: From 1800z to 2300z, Sat. 1st Aug. 2020.WHERE:Azerbaijan and Armenia (AO).Stepanakert Airport (UB13), Azerbaijan (MOB).ENVIRONMENT: Dawn (time) and live weather.WHAT: Amid rising tensions between Armenia (backed by Russ...
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General Discussion

Extra MP generic int property for OPRF compatible: type

I would like to propose an extra MP generic/int property for OPRF, such that radar logic etc. knows what to pick up and display without relying on /sim/aircraft and other inferred logic - especially as the number of aircraft and assets is constant...
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